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Illustration of viruses with needle puncturing membrane

October 2023

Designer Peptoids Pop Viral Membranes

Bioinspired small molecules combat viral threats by targeting a common feature in enveloped viruses, making them useful against a wide range of viruses.

September 2023 TS Digest cover

September 2023

Fishing for Viruses

A novel technology enables rapid detection of multiple viruses from patient samples.

August 2023 Digst cover

August 2023

The Roles of Endogenous Psychedelics

Researchers begin to understand the mind-blowing science of psychedelics.

A male tsetse fly smells a tsetse fly pheromone

July 2023

Elusive Tsetse Pheromones

Researchers discovered novel attractants that may improve Tsetse fly traps and help control disease spread.

May 2023 Digest cover

May 2023

"Silent" Mutations Make Noise in Cancer

Synonymous mutations have been overlooked, but research reveals that they can drive cancer

Illustration of X chromosomes

April 2023

Cheating Centromeres

Investigating nonrandom segregation to better understand how speciation occurs

February 2023 Digest Cover

February 2023

Salmon Wars

How should a species’ DNA be used to guide its conservation?

January 2023 Digest Cover

January 2023

Life on the Ocean Surface

The myriad species floating atop the world’s seas are complicating efforts to clean up plastic pollution

TS Digest December 2022, Issue 2 Cover

December 2022, Issue 2

The Scientist Top 10 Innovations 2022

This year's top advances in sequencing, single-cell analysis, and more

December 2022, Issue 1 cover

December 2022, Issue 1

Micro Manipulators

Intracellular bacteria that hijack host cells have much to teach us about biology

November 2022, Issue 2 cover

November 2022, Issue 2

Protecting Pregnancy

Understanding maternal immune changes could improve pregnancy outcomes

Cover image of Epigenetics in Evolution

November 2022, Issue 1

Epigenetics in Evolution

Researchers debate the influence of extragenomic processes on evolutionary change

3D render of a cell

October 2022, Issue 2

The Rise of Eukaryotes

The origin and evolution of the most complex cells

TS Digest October Issue 1 Cover Image

October 2022, Issue 1

Symbiotic Organs

Highly specialized structures that house, feed, and exploit microbial companions

Outline of a human head with an abstract wave. Plexus effect.

September 2022, Issue 2

RNA in the Brain

The vital role of noncoding RNAs in the evolution of cognition

puzzle piece and DNA

September 2022, Issue 1

Filling In the Gaps

Researchers work to address the shortcomings of the human reference genome

Cover of TS Digest August, Issue 2

August 2022, Issue 2

Big Roles for the "Little Brain"

The cerebellum is now appreciated for its functions in cognition, emotion, and other higher-order processes

Degeneration of dopaminergic neuron, a key stage of development of Parkinson's disease, 3D illustration

August 2022, Issue 1

Maligned Proteins

Understanding the normal roles of peptides associated with neurodegneration

Dinosaur Fossil (Tyrannosaurus Rex) Found by Archaeologists

July 2022, Issue 2

Diagnosing A Mass Extinction

Is the current biodiversity crisis on par with the five biggest in Earth's history?

Greenhouse whitefly - Trialeurodes vaporariorum on the underside of leaves. It is a currently important agricultural pest.

July 2022, Issue 1

The Web of Life

DNA can cross the boundaries between species — or even kingdoms