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Science is driven by the written word as much as by tables and charts. Work with our team to bring forward and refine the message that you want to convey in your manuscript.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, or so the old adage goes. In science, a good picture might be worth even more than that. From figures to diagrams, schematics to posters, whatever your graphic needs, we’ll soon have you covered!

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Editing| Manuscript writing, editing, consultation, and review

Manuscript Writing and Editing

Don’t let language stand in the way of science. Our writing and editing team can take your research and create an elegant, engrossing, and—above all—accurate package for presentation.

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Submission Consultation

A message needs an interested and receptive audience. Our experienced and academically-trained team can evaluate your work and make suggestions on what journals would represent the best fit.

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Scientific Review

Are you worried that your research is missing important details? Do you think your message could be strengthened? Our PhD-trained team can provide a thorough and balanced review of your work before submission.

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Communications | Posters, podcasts, webinars, social media, and more


Posters are widely used to present study results, especially for academic trainees. Our team offers the graphical expertise to make a poster visually engaging, along with the scientific knowledge to tailor a poster’s content and guide its overall flow.

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Lay Summaries and Blog Entries

It’s becoming more and more important to get scientific messages out properly to the general public. Through short summaries or lengthier articles, we can help bring your research to a lay audience without “dumbing it down” or stripping it of its core details.

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Podcasts are a good way to tell your scientific story—using your own words—in a casual and relaxed setting. Let the producers of “The Scientist Speaks” help set up your own show!

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Recent times have really shown what webinars can truly accomplish. From setting up production, to organization and hosting, to giving presentation advice, The Scientist’s Scientific Services can help with your webinar needs!

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Educational Videos

Videos have become important for helping people understand key scientific concepts. We can help you put together animated videos to describe mechanisms of action or important protocols. Work with us to create a standalone video or a short animation to include in your next presentation.

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Graphics | Figures, schematics, graphic abstracts, and slide decks


Making clean, effective, and aesthetically pleasing figures isn’t always easy. Check back later to see how our graphic designers, guided by our PhD-trained editorial team, can help you create clean and attractive figures to make your message crystal clear!

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Slide Decks

A polished and easy-to-read slide deck is an essential part of any scientific presentation at any level. Through a combination of layout work, graphical touchups, and copy-editing, we can create the ideal slide deck for any presentation!

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Graphical Abstracts

Graphical abstracts are becoming more popular, especially for outlining new mechanisms or summarizing large amounts of data. Our team of designers and PhD-trained scientists can create graphic versions of existing text-based abstracts or generate visual abstracts from manuscripts.

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