Past The Scientist Magazine Issues

<em>The Scientist </em>Fall 2023 cover

Fall 2023

Defying Dogma

To understand how memories are formed and maintained, neuroscientists travel far beyond the cell body in search of answers.

June 2023 cover

Summer 2023

Divvying Up Duties

Bacteria cooperate to benefit the collective, but cheaters can rig the system

DNA molecule inside the living cell

Spring 2023

The Cancer Code

Once dismissed as genomic noise, some noncoding sequences (and the microproteins they encode) play important roles in cancer

Illustration showing the internal structure of the human cell with the cytoplasmic membrane, nucleus and organelles

Winter 2022

Cell Matters

From eukaryote evolution to bacterial hijacking, researchers peer ever further into the building blocks of life

Fall 2022 Cover

Fall 2022

Rethinking Neuroscience

From the cerebellum to neurodegenerative disease, researchers are giving old science a fresh look

Bacteria, virus, cell 3D

Summer 2022

Know Thy Enemy

Understanding how SARS-CoV-2 and other viruses interact with their victims

Spring 2022 cover

Spring 2022

Cracking Cancer's Mysteries

Tumors’ unstable genomes and unique microbiomes may present new targets for understanding and treating the disease

December 2021 Cover

December 2021

Return of the worms

Researchers are carefully considering the therapeutic potential of helminths

November cover of The Scientist

November 2021

Embryonic Eavesdropping

Animals start listening even before they enter the world

Image of the October Cover of The Scientist

October 2021

Number Sense

Researchers debate how animals perceive quantities

Online only cover of the The Scientist, September 2021 issue

September 2021

Mapping Covid

SARS-COV-2 wreaks havoc around the body

August 2021

The Maternal Microbiome

Resident bacteria in mom’s gut may shape fetal development

July 2021

Bacteria-Guided Evolution

Animals' adaptive changes may be influenced by microbes within

June 2021

The Bacterial Nanotubes Debate

The recently discovered structures are making waves in microbiology

May 2021

Animal Hybrids

Mating between different species may drive evolution

April 2021

Advancing Against Metastasis

Cancer cells can spread early and lie dormant for years

March 2021

Viruses' Sex Bias

The immune systems of males and females respond differently to viral intruders

February 2021

Restoring Reefs

New approaches could accelerate development of outplanted corals

January 2021

Expecting and Infected

What science is revealing about COVID-19 in mothers to be

December 2020

Dream Engineers

Manipulating the sleeping brain to understand it