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Rob D'Angelo, VP, Group Publishing Director  | Contact

As the VP, Group Publishing Director, Rob brings more than 25 years of experience managing successful B2B media organizations within the pharma and life science industries. He has served as sales director at BioTechniques, president of the BioScience Group at Informa Business Information, and publisher at Advanstar Communications and Thomson/Medical Economics.

Kristie Nybo, PhD, Group Content Director | Contact

Kristie joined The Scientist in 2019 with 17 years of experience in life science publishing. Prior to joining, she directed news content and managed peer review for the journal BioTechniques for more than a decade. She has also served in public relations communications and medical writing and editorial roles. Kristie earned her PhD at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) in neuroscience and conducted research at UCLA and at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences on brain development and signal transduction in mouse models. She currently also serves as content director for Drug Discovery News.

Meenakshi Prabhune, PhD, Editor-in-Chief | Contact

Meenakshi joined The Scientist in 2023. She is passionate about disseminating science and brings several years of experience in diverse communication roles including journalism, podcasting, and corporate content strategy. Meenakshi earned her PhD in biophysics at the University of Goettingen, which sparked a life-long love for interdisciplinary biological sciences.

Danielle Gerhard, PhD,  Assistant Editor | Contact

Danielle earned her PhD in psychology and behavioral neuroscience from Yale University and completed postdoctoral research in neuroscience and psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medicine. During her graduate and postgraduate training, she examined cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying stress and depression. In April 2023, Danielle joined The Scientist’s editorial team as an assistant editor. Her writing has also appeared in Drug Discovery News and BioTechniques. She is based in the UK.

Mariella Bodemeier Loayza Careaga, PhD,  Assistant Editor | Contact

Mariella joined The Scientist in 2023 after completing postdoctoral research at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences studying sex differences on the effects of chronic stress and traumatic brain injury. Mariella holds a PhD in neuroscience from the Universidade Federal de Sao Paulo, and a certificate in science communication from the University of California, San Diego.

Laura Tran, PhD,  Assistant Editor | Contact

Laura joined The Scientist as an assistant editor in 2023. She has a background in microbiology and earned her PhD in biomedical sciences from Rush University. Her research focused on how circadian rhythms and alcohol affect the gut. 

Shelby Bradford, PhD,  Assistant Editor | Contact

Shelby earned her PhD in immunology and microbial pathogenesis from West Virginia University, where she studied neonatal responses to vaccination. She completed an AAAS Mass Media Fellowship at StateImpact Pennsylvania, and her writing has also appeared in Massive Science. She participated in the 2023 flagship ComSciCon and volunteered with science outreach programs and Carnegie Science Center during graduate school. Shelby joined The Scientist as an assistant editor in August 2023. 

Hannah Thomasy, PhD,  Assistant Editor | Contact

Hannah joined The Scientist as an assistant editor in 2023. Her work has appeared in Drug Discovery News, The New York Times, The Daily Beast, and Undark. She earned her PhD in neuroscience from the University of Washington where she studied traumatic brain injury and sleep. She completed the Dalla Lana Fellowship in Global Journalism in 2020. Outside of work, she enjoys running and aspires to be a participant on The Great Canadian Baking Show.

Melissa Kay, Engagement Specialist | Contact

Melissa joined The Scientist in August 2023 as the engagement specialist. She holds a master’s of science degree in cellular and molecular biology and a graduate diploma in science communication from Laurentian University. Melissa leads the social media strategy and audience engagement efforts for The Scientist and Drug Discovery News.

Ashley Haire, Sales Director | Contact

Ashley joined LabX Media Group in 2007 as the marketing coordinator, moving into an account manager position with LabX and Lab Manager shortly after. In November 2011, she became a senior account executive with The Scientist when the brand joined LabX Media Group. She has a bachelor of commerce honours degree from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Anita Bell, Senior Account Executive | Contact

Anita started with LabX Media Group in July 2013 and worked as a Customer Account Manager for In April 2014, she joined the team at The Scientist. Anita graduated from the Journalism program at Humber College and studied Canadian History at York University in Toronto.

Karen Evans, Senior Account Executive | Contact

Karen joined The Scientist in April 2016. She has spent more than 15 years in the life science industry, working in several marketing and sales roles. Before joining the team, Karen worked as a director of sales and marketing for Proliant Biologicals, as well as a senior account executive at Biocompare. Karen received a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in business administration from East Carolina University.

Jesse Silverman,  Account Executive | Contact

Jesse joined The scientist in 2022, he brings his passion for sales and marketing with his outgoing personality to whomever he can. Enjoying the opportunity to engage with his customer base and always listen to what they want/need. His past schooling of radio broadcast + business from Seneca York University & Ryerson University really helps him in today's busy world of communications! In his free time he enjoys sports, his two Labrador dogs and his growing Family! Looking forward to connecting with you and helping spread the word on your next project!

Addyson Chambers, Account Executive Contact

Addyson joined LabX Media Group in June 2021 as the Operations Coordinator for The Scientist. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Communication Studies with an emphasis on Integrated Marketing Communication.

Amanda Purvis, Team Lead, Sales Operations Contact

Amanda joined The Scientist in March 2019 as the Business Development Coordinator and has since advanced to Team Lead of Sales Operations. With a background in marketing, graphic design, and media sales, Amanda brings with her 15+ years in the industry and a degree in Art + Design. 

Mikaela Swietlinska, Coordinator, Sales Operations | Contact

Mikaela joined The Scientist in July of 2021. Prior to coming to TS, she spent 10 years in the healthcare field in various positions. She has a bachelor's degree with honors in Sociology from Laurentian University and now resides in Angus, Ontario. When Mikaela is not at work, she loves to play soccer, and hockey, as well as spend time with her family (particularly her 2 nephews!)

Niki Spahich, PhD, Senior Science Editor, Team Lead | Contact

Niki earned her PhD in genetics and genomics from Duke University, where she studied membrane proteins responsible for Haemophilus influenzae infectivity. She shifted her research focus to mechanisms of Staphylococcus aureus virulence during her postdoctoral fellowship at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. After various teaching and science communication experiences, Niki joined The Scientist's creative services team in 2019. She is currently a senior science editor who leads content creation for the team.

Nathan Ni, PhD, Senior Science Editor | Contact

Nathan earned his PhD in physiology from Queen's University in 2013, where he investigated the role of inflammatory leukotriene pathways in exacerbating cardiac injury during myocardial infarction. He then completed a two-year postdoctoral training stint in Toronto's University Health Network, where he explored the effects of aging on stem cell effectiveness. Nathan joined The Scientist in 2016. He now serves as a senior science editor and leads the scientific services program, which offers editorial and design services directly to scientists.

Iris Kulbatski, PhD, Assistant Science Editor | Contact 

Iris, a neuroscientist by training and word surgeon by trade, is an assistant science editor with The Scientist's creative services team. Her work has appeared in various online and print publications, including Discover Magazine, Medgadget, National Post, The Toronto Star, and others. She holds a PhD in medical science and a certificate in creative writing from the University of Toronto. 

Deanna MacNeil, PhD, Assistant Science Editor | Contact

Deanna earned their PhD from McGill University in 2020, studying the cellular biology of aging and cancer. They have an endless curiosity about telomeres. Deanna has a multidisciplinary academic background ranging from chemistry to metacognition to microbiology. They joined The Scientist's creative services team in 2022.


Charlene Lancaster, PhD,  Assistant Science Editor | Contact

Charlene earned her PhD in cell biology from the University of Toronto, where she studied how macrophages resolve phagosomes. She has also conducted research on how vitamins can increase bone formation in osteoblast cell culture. She joined The Scientist’s creative services team in 2023.

Meaghan Brownley, Manager, Operations Team | Contact

Meaghan joined LabX Media Group with The Scientist team in June 2017 as a Social Media Coordinator. She has since advanced to Manager of Operations for The Scientist as well as Drug Discovery News. She studied English Literature at the University of Toronto and also, Marketing and Advertising at Georgian College.

Sarah Bond, Operations Specialist | Contact

Sarah started with LabX Media Group in September 2017 as the Event Coordinator for The Scientist Events. In January 2021, she joined the webinars team, and is now the Operations Specialist. She studied Hospitality Management and also, Event Management at Georgian College.

Alan Collier, Operations Coordinator | Contact

Alan joined LabX Media Group in February 2022 as the Operations Coordinator for The Scientist. He obtained a Bachelor's degree from Trent University in Ecological Restoration and a Master's Degree in Science Communication from Laurentian University. 

Jenna Short, Operations Coordinator | Contact

Jenna joined LabX Media Group in January 2023 as the Operations Coordinator for The Scientist. She graduated from the University of Alabama receiving a Bachelor's Degree in Business Marketing.

Greg Brewer, Creative Director | Contact

Greg joined LabX Media Group (LMG), which publishes The Scientist, in April 2008. Before coming to LMG, Brewer studied advertising and graphic design at Humber College in Toronto in 2000. Brewer has taken on numerous creative roles, designing elements for many of the company’s brands and heading up custom projects for advertisers. He now resides in his hometown of Midland, Ontario.

Erin Lemieux, Art Director | Contact

Erin joined The Scientist in September 2012. Prior to coming to TS, she was a junior graphic designer at Fizzz Design Corp. in Toronto, Canada. She has a bachelor's degree in graphic design from OCAD University, and now resides in her hometown of Midland, Ontario.

Ashleigh Campsall, Senior Graphic Designer | Contact

Ashleigh joined LabX Media Group in September 2019. She works alongside the company’s brands to create custom content and formats The Scientist publication for our digital audience. Ashleigh graduated with a certificate in art and design fundamentals and an advanced diploma in graphic design from Georgian College in Barrie, Ontario.

Imran Chowdhury, Motion Graphics Designer | Contact

Imran joined LabX Media Group in October 2021.  He studied Graphic Design at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario.  Imran creates custom graphics and animations for The Scientist

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